Which way should I take?

The ways of life are so strange,
They are never constant,they always change.
When things seem to be going right,
Waiting ahead is a fight.

A struggle through day and night,
That never ends,try as much as you might.
The quest to find joy,
Ends in nothing but a ploy to destroy.

Everything has two choices,
Within your head are two voices.
Choose one, ditch the other,
That's not easy, as you'd always want to try another.

There is a way that has always been there,
Even before you knew who you were.
Then there is the path that makes you feel good,
Like the way nothing else could.

Should I take the one seldom taken?
Or the one that is never forsaken?
The one that is laden with roses,
Or the one with thorns and the troubles it poses?

Which one should I take,
When there is so much at stake.
Wish I didn't have to choose,
There's always one that I'd stand to lose.

Why can't I have both?
The choice is difficult, I loath.
I am all confused,
I wish I could be excused.

But then I cannot walk away,
I must choose a way.
I can't do this I scream,
Wish it was nothing but a dream.

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