I, me, myself!

Yes! You read it right! We live in a self obsessed world. All that matters is I, me, myself.

The world today is developing at a rapid pace. Technology has intruded into our lives like never before. Intruded? Yes, it indeed has.There is nothing that technology has not touched.And to top it all, technology today has found ways to feed our egos like never before. Our self obsession has grown like never before.

The things we do are done for our own advantage, our own benefits. It is rare that people go out of the way to help others. All that we see in what we do is this, "What's in it for me?". We are on this race called life and have no time to waste on others. Forget others do we have time for our inner, truer selves? Nope! Definitely not! Grow up baby! Life is a race ... if you don't run fast ... you will be like a broken undaa!

Gratitude is replaced by attitude.
Generosity by pomposity.
Kindness by harshness.

"I don't care" is the new "May I help you?"

We don't know our next door neighbours as we are so busy in our own lives. But then we have all the time in the world to make friends with the rest of the world on the click of a mouse. Photographs are not just memories anymore. They are clicked after a  lot of planning. After all it is going to be the profile pic for the next one week. Oops! Isn't that too long..? Suggestions welcome. But only if you are sure to like my picture and comment on it okay? Deal?

And then Facebook found this thing for telling the whole world what you had for breakfast, when you put on those braces (I don't think people would post that though. Or do they?)  or how you are feeling or what you are drinking. What are people supposed to do with that?

And the Oxford Dictionary people got it right. With "Selfie" being chosen as the word of the year, they gave another insight of our self obsession. 
It is not just the photographs that are selfies, we have become selfies ourselves. It is "I" that matters to us than the rest of the things.
And now stay tuned for my selfie on Facebook! I hope my phone's battery is charged. I hope the lighting is right. My dress is good right? The background does match na? Please tell me! I'm all confused. Someone please help me out!
Ah! So much for a selfie!

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