The joy of the monsoon

The skies darken,
The cool wind blows.
The clouds gather,
The skies dazzles, as thunder roars.

Gone are the days of scorching heat,
The earth is now upbeat.
The wait is finally over,
Spreading smiles on the sower.

Those first drops of rain,
Make me forget all the pain.
Announcing the arrival of delight,
Surely one of the most beautiful sights.

Heralding the season of bliss,
The joy of which one can't afford to miss.
The earth rejoices as the skies pour,
Quenching earth's thirst,filling its core.

Painting nature in all hues of green,
The world looks better than it has ever been.
It is a season of mirth,
Bringing joy to everyone on earth.

It is the season of new birth,
The one in which there is no dearth
The time that ushers life,
Ending all misery and strife.

The earth looks fresh and is washed anew,
My troubles now look very few.
The birds rejoice as they sing,
O rain what joy you bring!

The rain continues to pour,
It makes my spirit soar.
Makes me forget all sorrow,
Inspires me to think of a better tomorrow.

The rain soothes and calms,
Makes me have no qualms.
Washes away my tears,
Drives away my fears.

The season of all that is good,
It brings joy than nothing ever could.
This is the season of monsoon,
The joy of which will not die very soon.

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