My first love!

Awaiting for love story? Well you'll find one! Love at first sight? Yes! Definitely! Waiting for the romantic one with the hero and heroine? I'm sorry you'll find none. But I can assure you of one thing- and they lived happily ever after! How can I be so sure? Wanna know who is it? Or should I say what's it? Confused! Please don't be! My first love -BOOKS! You read it right!
My love for books began even before I could  learn to read. I simply loved those colourful magazines dad would bring home. I loved the feel of them and I loved just to turn those pages. And once I learned how to read, there was no looking back. My love for books increased with every passing day! Time spent reading books was the best time of the day. But then there were the other kind of books which I didn't like much! Yes, textbooks! Reading them was no fun. They were boring and made me fall asleep. They never let me dream and go into my world of fantasy which only my beloved books could take. Yet, they taught me a lot things.
Growing up I didn't demand for any gifts from mom. But all I ever asked for was books, books and more books. And there is a little collection of my kiddy books! Mom plans every time to give them off to someone and fails! When will she ever understand what those books mean to me? A whole lot of memories would go away with them if I were to give them away. She's done that with magazines and I won't let her do it with my story books. Those books gave me hours of entertainment which no show on TV could give.Sometimes I couldn't come out of the world of the book for days after I'd finished it. I would keep wondering what would happen to them in the time after the book ended. And then those times when I'd grieve for days together on the death of my beloved characters. The worst times for me would be when I'd nothing to read. I dreaded those days. And even do even today!
And coming back to the present. Time is hard to find! Yet I struggle to make time to read! I'd do anything for a book! On the days when I can't read a book before bedtime, I sneak a book and a torch to my bed, pull on the blanket though it is hot and read. I'll be in trouble if mom finds out about this!
A friend of mine recently suggested that it better to watch movies of the books made into movies rather than waste time reading books. I disagree! Books take you to a land of your own imagination which movies don't! Movies just show you someone else's imagination! I pity the people who don't read. They miss so many things! I can be sure of a thing- I'll never hate books! And that's the reason- they lived happily ever after is true!
Books to me have always been special and they remind me of someone very special who isn't with me anymore! As I dust the books on the shelf, those cream coloured pages, those crumpled pages remind me of long lost memories- those days of bliss! And a tear trickles down my face!