To my dear teachers, with love!

"They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don't know it”
Nicholas Sparks
How true are these words! Teachers inspire us not just in a way or two, but in many ways.
Life is journey and on this journey, we need to learn things along the way and our lives are all molded by people who influence us the most and they are our teachers. From our first teacher, that is our mothers to all the teachers who have taught us something or the other, all have shaped our lives. We are just clay in the hands of the skilled potters called teachers.
My first ABC's, my first 123's and all those Jack and Jills. Then moving to those lessons of English, Math and Science! Then those classes of Physics, Chemistry and Math, to being a student of Electronics and Communication engineering, I've learned a lot of this from my teachers. But these things apart, I've learned how to live my life in a better way. I've learned things which no book teaches or which no syllabus prescribes! I've learned my values - the things that define me, that make me what I am. I've been taught to be humble, to be caring and to be kind. I've learned to do good to others.
"A teacher affects eternity, you can never tell where his/ her influence stops"
-Henry Brooks Adams

Here is a poem for all my dear teachers:

You've taught me things,
You've given me wings,
Through the knowledge that you've given,
Through the passion that you have driven.
The way you inspire,
The way you made me aspire,
To be the person that I'd have never been,
To know my talents that even I'd have never seen.
Taught me how to live,
To not just receive but also give.
To make things better not just for me,
To unlock doors with knowledge as key.
From you I've learned a lot,
Even things that sometimes you never directly taught.
Thank you for molding my life,
Thank you for teaching me face life.
I owe you a debt that I can't repay,
For your health and happiness I'll always pray!

Thank you teachers! Thanks for inspiring me! One day, even I wish to be one!