The dream

It was a strange place,
In not one but many ways.
I didn't know where I was,
Nor did I know what the time was.

I groped in the dark to find my path,
A voice boomed that was filled with wrath!
"Who are you?",it demanded,
"Get out of here!",it commanded.

"Where am I?", I asked,
"You must know that", it said at last.
"This is where you've come to,
The reason for the darkness is none but you".

"What have I done?
My fault is none."
"What are you doing with your life?
Why are you wasting something as precious as life?"

I asked myself,"What am I doing?
Where am I going?"
I now realized what this was all about,
But where I was I still had a doubt!

It had been long since I'd done something good,
I'd even forgotten the values for which I'd once stood!
I'd lost my hope in humanity,
Forgotten to do good after watching the brutality.

I'd decided to stay mum,
What difference could I make alone?
But now I thought of the things I could've done,
The world could have been a better one.

I'd forgotten the difference we could make,
It only came to my mind when my life was at stake.
"Take me back, I promise to do good,
I'll do all that I could!".

I cried, I prayed,
"Please someone come to my aid!"
Suddenly there was a dazzling light,
It had all been a dream at night.

It was just a dream,
But there was lot to it than it seemed.
I woke up with a new found goal,
For which I'd put my heart and soul!