Time phor some phunny Englees

English has become the language of global communication. And today we find that the number of people speaking in English is fast increasing. But sometimes people begin to own it so much that English becomes Englees and here's why it happens.
"Englees today is an univercell language. So now we speak it more then ower mother tong."
Funny? Or I must say phunny?
Before we proceed further let's have some introductions.
"May I know your good name?"
Aren't names all good. Does everyone have a good name and a bad one?
And what's the reply?
"Myself ..........".
Oh! How I get irritated with it!
"Morning morning only I told her not to do so. But still she did it."
I wanted copies of my documents. So what must I do?
"Simple. Just Xerox it!".
Not as simple as it sounds! For xerox, my dear friend is the name of a company and what you are referring to is photocopying!
You must be hungry now after reading all this.
"Want some testy phood? Or how about some past food?"
Sounds delicious?
And if you plan to share food, then "Please don't share two people in one plate!".
"What about some Chaineese food? Do you want Vag Seazoon noodles?"
Isn't it tasty?
But that's not all. A board in front of a pathological lab says, "Blood and Urine tasting done here". About the former one, I thought vampires only exist in fiction. And about the latter, no comments!
And then if you are shopping, there are stores selling bed shits,
shooes and the like. And then be sure to go for a masaz to relax your body! And if you want to go to the toylet, first check whether it is ledies or jens! I am right no?
I ask, "Why O why?",
"We are like this only", comes the reply.
RIP English!
The Queen's language is in a sorry state,
God save the Queen!
Hope you had a good time pass :-P
And I'll keep writing. Writing is phun na?

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