The new age lingo

SMS, Facebook and what not! We live in an age were communication is easy (Or rather difficult!). We have instant messaging and so getting in touch has never been this easy. And hey, thanks to the communication revolution, we have a whole new lingo as well- The SMS lingo! We want to say as much as possible in those 160 characters. Hence, the lingo you may say!
Good morning becomes GM, Good night becomes GN! Not to forget, GNSD or Good night sweet dreams. Even asking to take care has become short now- Tc. We don't have best friends anymore. All we have is BFF's. Isn't that kewl? LOL if you don't know that kewl is nothing but the kewl form of cool! Sounds kewl na? And FYI, LOL means laugh out loud.(Louder, I can't hear you!) BTW (by the way), these are a few that I can understand. But what ABT TGIF or ROFL? Thank goodness it's Friday. Oops! I'm delayed. It's Saturday today. So should I say TGYWF? I know you are Rolling on the Floor Laughing! It's gr8 to l8 and make others w8 these days. Now that you are enjoying this, I'm SFETE. Didn't get it? Just Google it!
Or coming to BF-GF chat! 143... 1432... Say it properly.. ILY..XOXO.. You won't? Forget it! EOD! Didn't get it? NM!
RUK? OMG! I hope I didn't go OT!
Now before you get bored of it, let me wind up! Msg me and let me know if you enjoyed it! Plz don't tell NC (No comments) k? I'm just a QT and making others smile is my duty. I know sometimes I don't have a SOH!
TAFN! GTG! TTYL! BRB! TTFN! TY for reading! Bye! HAND! TC!
Gosh even I can't stop myself now!
P.S.: For any abbreviation you didn't get, just Google it :-P Thought I'd let you know now? Not so easily! :-P

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