As the thunder roars in the sky,
As the lighting flashes by,
There's a storm blowing within,
Of thoughts that are never thin!

Beneath the serene face lay hidden,
A million thoughts that are never ridden!
Of growing fears,
Of falling tears!

Like the silence before the storm,
Like the darkness before the dawn,
Appearing quiet all along,
Without a hint that something is wrong!

As time gets old,
The mystery begins to unfold!
The trust that has been broken,
The sin that can never be forgiven!

On a quest for revenge,
The broken hurt that is to be avenged.
The time has come to make amends,
For the pain that never ends.

Taking a step at a time,
For it indeed is a steep climb!
But then comes the rain,
Telling that it is all in vain!

What difference would it make?
Is it worth the trouble I take?
What would it make me?
Would it really set me free?

Against it I decide,
For it not worthy of my pride!
My pain I hide,
And within me the revenge died!

I wouldn't risk losing my soul,
For that is what makes me whole.
I wouldn't want to regret,
For something that would remain a threat!

I walk from where I came,
Looking at life with a new aim.
For what can be a better revenge than,
Smiling at him which wasn't in his plan?