Lessons from Nature!

I learn from the rain,
How to wash away my pain!
Then wait patiently for the sunshine,
To bounce back and fall in line!
Because, then appears the rainbow,
Taking away all my sorrow!

I learn from the ants,
Never to waste time that is in my hands.
Hard work from the bees,
For the sweet nectar it yields.
I then learn from the butterfly,
That it was once a caterpillar before it flew high!

I learn from the sunflower,
To follow my chosen path every single hour.
I learn from the lotus,
To rise above the dirt and make others notice.
From the little flowers I learn,
Life is short and surprising at every turn.

From the tiny star,
I learn to help people from a afar.
I learn from the willow,
To bend down sometimes to the storms that blow!
From the changing colour of the grass,
I know this too shall one day pass!