Love you, Math!

Hey Math,
How are you doing? I know you are fine. But I'm not! Reason? I'll have to part from you! Really sad. I'm feeling so bad.
It's been a long journey from the day I learnt to count. One.. two.. thee.. phour.. Call it love at first sight or first sound! I loved you right then when I was learning how to talk and mom thought it was better to teach me something sensible from the start. Started school and life only got more exciting!
Additions, Subtractions, Multiplication (Ah I remember those two oneza's :-P) and ofcourse Division. Well division has a story of it's own. I didn't like division and hence didn't learn it quickly and mom was upset. She then took the example of dividing chocolates with my brother and I was in for it as I wanted a fair share!
Algebra was good,like an adventure. I didn't enjoy finding your "x" for you as I was in love with you. But, I did it! I did it out of true love. You know the "Your happiness lies in happiness" sort? Something of that!
I loved Geometry for the logic it had. Those theorems, those corollaries and postulates. I'm already missing them. Trignometry was fun! Then came Calculus and I loved it too! It was ( tan c/ sin c)! Once Calculus entered, everything took a back seat. My math books were filled with limits, differentiation, integration and the like! And still they are. But today is gonna be the last time! My last math exam!
I know I will still have glimpses of you in my other subjects, but there is none like you! Nothing can replace the all time math! No theory, just pure fun! I'll miss that! I'll miss yelling out those answers when I first get it right! Oh how I miss you!
I love you and I always!
Hope you remember me!
Yours lovingly,
Your sweetheart!