I am not safe anymore!

I feel the dread,
And I'm afraid!
You can sense the fear,
Even when you are not near.
I'm scared to walk the streets alone,
For monsters walk, at every way you've known.
They jeer, they leer,
In those shameful words, they cheer.
From it they draw pleasure,
In a good measure!
For them it is joy,
For a woman to them is a toy!
They aren't satisfied yet,
Their desires haven't been met.
I'm not safe in my house or on the street,
For the beasts are everywhere to greet!
Where should I go?
How do I know its a friend or a foe?
To whom should I run?
For to people it seems fun!
Is it wrong to be a girl?
Caught always in troubles whirl!
I'm still afraid,
I still feel the dread.
I'm not safe anymore,
For my honour has become just another score!