I miss you!

I sit back and think,
But I still can't let the feeling sink.
I'm at a loss,
I don't know why my life's gone for a toss.

I'm alone,
In despair to moan.
How I wish you were with me,
And then my loneliness would flee!

The pain still is still there,
Still hard for me to bear.
Yes, God did ease your pain,
But my prayers went in vain!

Those last days I spent with you,
I never knew they were so few!
I now go back in time,
And live those days one day at a time!

Yours were the hands that held me as a child,
Yours was the face that I looked at and smiled.
You taught me how to walk and talk,
But why didn't you teach me how to overcome the shock?

Yours was the voice I loved to hear,
Yours was the presence I always wanted to be near.
Being with you was my greatest joy,
But I never knew destiny's ploy!

The voice I loved is stilled,
A place is vacant which can never be filled!
The guiding light of my life is blown off,
Making my life tough!

Years have passed,
But I still live in the past!
I try to be strong,
But I can never hold my tears for long!

I think of happy memories,
'Cause they are all I'm left with to cherish!
I'm short of words,and I'm sad,
How much I miss you, my dear DAD!

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