The cry of the Earth!

Rain, dear rain where are you?
I’ve been waiting for long,
But there is no sign of you.
Parched I am,
Dry, with no water.
My creatures thirst,
Their life’s getting worse.
But why this curse?
My children I have to nurse.
I know well,
That my children, the humans,
Have sounded the death knell.
Disregarding all warnings,
Ringing now the doom bell.
But, I as a mother,
Have to bother.
Because I can’t be quiet,
When my children need respite.
You are the supporter of life,
Without you there is agony and strife.
Without you there is grief,
Time for me will be brief.
If you want to teach the humans a lesson,
Why trouble my other children without a reason?
Though the prize of my creation,
Has forgotten his wisdom,
I’ll never let your plans for doom,
Come to fruition.
A mother that I am,
I plead with you,
Fill my bosom with waters.
Please forgive my children’s folly,
For their faults I’m truly sorry.
I’ll teach them someday their lesson,
But for now, please hasten.
Time’s running short,
My being is coming to a naught.
Bound to them I am by my maternal instinct,
I can’t see them in pain or distress.
Please shower your blessings on them,
I’ll be thankful forever.
I don’t want to be barren,
I want life to bloom within.
I’m still searching for you,
Rain, dear rain, where are you?