The quest for happiness!

Yeah you read the title right! Happiness is one of the most elusive things in this world. Everyone's in search of happiness. The quest for happiness never ends because everyone is in search of happiness. But what's happiness? What makes a person happy? The answer differs, from person to person, from place to place and ofcourse time to time. Here's a look about what it's all about.
              Think of a baby. What makes the baby happy? It's mother's warmth? A smile? Somebody playing with it? Yes, these things do make it happy. Now moving on, as the child grows the things that make it happy change. Chocolates and toys take the cake. As we grow up,the way we perceive happiness changes. As teenagers it's mobiles, hang outs and crushes (Oh yeah, add Facebook to that list), as youngsters it's jobs and pay packages. Most of it is material. We depend on things, we depend on people to make us happy.For a farmer, the rain brings joy. But the same rain, when it becomes a flood brings him misery. In the world as a whole certain things that make one happy are bound to make others sad. Happiness is relative my friend.
               But though there are things that make us happy, we're still in search of happiness. Our appetite for happiness seems to be unsatiable. The chocolates, toys, mobiles, hangouts, crushes and money may bring us happiness but temporary. The feeling of joy lasts as long as the object of joy is with us and then it vanishes. And in our search for bigger joys, we fail to recognize the little things in life that bring us joy, that give us genuine happiness. Happiness that can be savoured every moment of our lives.
                Imagine doing a good deed without expecting anything in return. How will that feel? Don't you feel happy if people appreciate the work that you do? Or imagine talking and being with your friends, enjoying, drowned in that moment of bliss. Or think about lying on your mother's lap, without a care or worry.Don't these things make one happy?
If we want to be sad about things, we have many chances. And more often than not we take those chances to be sad. But along with all the negatives, there are positives. The only problem is that we have tuned our minds to look at the negatives so much that we fail to recognize the positives.
                 Life's short to be filled with regrets. Everyday is a new opportunity, a new beginning. We can make it what we want to make it. We are the masters of our happiness and we can choose to live in joy or gloom. Choice is yours my friend! The quest for happiness never ends, but don't forget to look at the clues that lead to little joys along the journey!