Culture Vs Mentality.

Welcome to modern India! A country on it's way to progress, a country acknowledged by the rest of the world as a future super power. We are on our way to being a developed nation. We have evolved to be one of the best in the world. We are the most tolerant and respectable people. All this is right, isn't it?
But wait! We are on our way to progress, but have we left our minds behind? Have we left our conscience behind? Time for introspection!

The recent attacks on the youth at a home-stay in Mangalore is still fresh in our minds. The youth were accused of doing immoral activities. But did the attackers have the necessary proof for that? It was nothing but a well planned attack, a way to tell the people that 'We have the law in our hands. We can do as we wish. There is no stopping us. So better listen to what we say.' The birthday party was branded to be a rave party. The hooligans thrashed the youth black and blue irrespective of whether they were girls or boys. All this in the name of culture.

Is westernization that bad? Is socializing bad? And the so called flag bearers of Indian culture, were they really followers of Indian culture? Does Indian culture dis-respect women? Does Indian culture teach to molest women? Crimes against women are on an all time high and the women are accused to be provoking men for it. Is it only the women in western clothes who becomes the victim? It's the mentality that matters. Positivity breeds positivity and it's the same with negativity. If your mind is good and well balanced everything appears to be good. But if the mind is evil, it is inevitable that everything else also is evil in their eyes.

Every coin has two faces and it's the same with westernization, it has it's advantages and disadvantages. But we are endowed with a mind to analyze and decide. In a globalized world, it is impossible to shun westernization. While following our culture, we also need to respect others culture and imbibe what is good. We need not make it a fight between Indian culture and western culture. It's necessarily the fight between good and bad, right and wrong, morality and immorality.