The war within...!!!

Living life one day at a time,
Sometimes I think I'm lagging behind.
Looking at it rush,
At times I need a push.
Keeping up with it's fast pace,
I think I'm out of phase.
But then,
I slow down a bit,
As a few thoughts hit.
I'm distraught,
It's like I'm caught.
There's a war waging within me,
The scenes of which I don't get to see.
What's good and whats bad,
What makes me happy, what makes me sad.
The things I do,
The words that I say,
Is that what's making me think,
Things I cannot link.
Or is it the unspoken words,
The thoughts that no one has heard.
Things lying bottled up within,
Things waiting to pop in.
Should I laugh?
Should I cry?
Should I give up?
Should I not?
The part of me that no one sees,
The part of me that no one tries to please.
"Is there an answer?", I ask,
Finding it is a big task...!!!