The walk of realization!

                 It had rained last night, I knew that very well. I could hardly catch some sleep. As the thunder roared at the distance, my thoughts roared within my head. As the rain fell on the parched, dry earth, my tears trickled down my face. Memories kept over-flowing in my mind. It was morning now and it had stopped raining. The air outside was cool and was beckoning me to go out on a walk. All I wanted was some peace of mind so that I could atleast have some piece of my mind intact. Without a second thought I just went out, walking alone at my own pace, not worried about where I was heading.
                 There were hardly a few souls outside. That was something good. If I there were people I knew, I would've had to answer questions as to what I was doing outside so early in the morning. Yes, to them it would all look strange because I never ventured out this early in the morning. But I wanted to be alone. Actually speaking I was alone, because I had closed myself mentally to the outside world. But I wanted to be physically alone as well. Away from the many questions that people asked, away from the noise of the ever active world. And that was exactly why I was a little pleased when I hardly saw people outside.
                 As I walked, every single step reminded me of a memory. Memories that were happy, memories that were sad but they were memories that we shared. That brings us to the question why did I have tears in my eyes? Why was I sad? What were those memories? It hurts when people you know become people you knew. True isn't it? And that explains why I was sad. Because someone I know became someone I knew. And it hurt even more because that person mattered a lot to me. And I began to wonder why do relationships on earth have to be like this? They last only for sometime and then they are gone! How I wish they could last forever.
                 I began to wonder what love is. Was it just another feeling that comes and goes with every passing day? Was it something that was to be proclaimed only on Valentines day and later forgotten and thrown away? Was it something that was so material that money could buy it? Was it something could only be shown in the gifts and flowers given? And most of all was love only the love between a girl and a guy? No... No.. No...!!! I was thinking on the wrong track and I knew I was mistaken in my thoughts. But then I went on to understand myself what love is.
                 Love is something pure and divine. Love is something that is beyond a definition. Love is lots of caring, understanding and trusting. Love is about sacrifices. Sounds philosophical? It may, but that is the truth. As I pondered on all this, I looked at the nature around. Hadn't the divine power created all this out of the love for His creation? The world was created out of love and was supposed to be going on because of love. But look what we've made of it! We've made love just a passing feeling. Committed today and broken up tomorrow! Is that how it is supposed to be or is that right? Definitely no!
                 But wait all love in the world is not lost. Luckily some of it still remains. But the dark shadows keep it hidden and we fail to see it. Just change your perspective a little and you can see it. And I did change my perspective of looking at things and joy it did bring. I remembered my mother. Yes, the person who loves me more than anyone would. She cared for me before she could even see me. She sacrificed things for me, bore pain for my sake. And my dad even he sacrificed a lot of things for me. And isn't that love? Yes it is! Precious than anything else in the world. There are people who love me. What about my close friends who are there with me through thick and thin? I was wrong. Relationships do last long and those are the relationships based on true love. True love that is not based on terms and conditions. Love that doesn't happen today and end tomorrow.
                  As this realization drew upon me, I wiped my tears away. Folded my hands and closed my eyes and thanked God for giving me a new day, a new opportunity and most of all for this realization. As the sun rose higher, put on a broad smile. Promising myself that I'll never be sad again and that I'll try to spread cheer around, I took my steps back home. It was just a walk, but for me it was the walk of my life. With every step I took, I took a pledge to be a better person and to share love, genuine love! The journey had just began!