No time for Goodbye!

You were my world,
My strength, my inspiration.
My joy, my idol,
And in joys and sorrows, my destination.
Days passed,
And life was a pure bliss.
And then one day,
You were in pain.
What we never knew,
Was that pain would never cease.
Never knew what was wrong,
But the pain kept bothering you long.
I knew you were strong,
But the illness made you weak all along.
Days passed,
But this time they weren't of bliss.
And nights brought nightmares
And made it hard to sleep.
Your pain grew worse,
Kept coming like a curse.
A little girl i was then,
Praying all day,
Awaiting a miracle,
Hoping that your pain would be gone,
And never return again.
But what i never knew was,
Along with the pain,
Even you would go,
Never to return,
Never to be with me.
I never knew,
That you would leave me so early.
You know i needed you so badly.
Life moved on,
And it's been a decade now.
Your little girl has,
Now grown up.
But the journey's been difficult,
With only memories in your place.
The void that your absence created,
Will never be filled.
Though days have passed,
The sorrow still remains.
I shed a tear,
But there's none to wipe it away.
Going down the memory lane,
I still remember that day,
When I was waiting for your return,
But my hopes dashed,
When you were gone forever,
And I couldn't even be with you,
When you were leaving me.
I still ask why,
'Cause it still makes me cry.
Even if God called you urgently,Dad,
Was there no time even for a Goodbye?

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