Life,slow down please...!!!

Dear life,
                 Well lets not make this formal. I'm sure you already know me and I  won't bother asking you more about yourself because you are mysterious and you wouldn't divulge much about yourself at this moment. I wouldn't have written to you, but it's sheer reality that I am. And why am I writing? Well that's the million dollar question right? But I guess you already know why I am writing. And if you are not clear with it let me tell you. I'm writing this because I  wanted to tell you something. Life, slow down a bit!
                  I know we're living in the 21st century where everything moves with a fast pace. But living in this fast paced world is kinda difficult. That doesn't mean I'm giving up. Wait, I'm not done yet. Difficult huh??? And hows that you may ask. I know in this technology driven world everything happens by the click of a mouse, everything is instantaneous. That's all easy right??? Sounds so, but it isnt. I'm not as fast as you, so let me take my time to elaborate.
                   Yeah things do happen with a click of mouse, but since things are happening faster I've more things do. So many more that I'm always in a rush. And at times figuring out this tech driven life is time consuming and I'm left behind in the race. I was a little girl just sometime back and now Ive grown up. Hmmmm I miss my childhood. Wish you'd slowed down and I could enjoy those days a little longer. I'm tired of the complexities of being a grown up. And well yes the number of people who've come into my life is more and people enter into my life quite fast. But I wish they wouldn't have to leave as fast as they came. If you would have slowed down, I would've been happier. I could have enjoyed every little thing and those joys could have lingered in my memory longer. But then I couldn't. No time you see. You may argue that since life's fast, when you have misunderstandings, you could put the past behind and move on faster. But wait, if you were slower, there would be time for explanations, time for understanding people and that means no misunderstandings! And even if there were, we could sort it out patiently you see.
                    Well I'm not telling you that you need to slow down completely, but just a bit. A little slower so that I can go by the road less travelled, so that I can enjoy the sight of nature around. I could watch the glorious sunrise, the ever changing sky of the day, the beautiful sunset and then catch a glimpse of the gleaming moon and the twinkling stars. I could listen to the chirping birds, the rustle of the wind. I could smile more often and radiate smiles around. I could take time to be myself. I could enjoy the little joys that come my way and enjoy with the people I love being with.
                    I know you like to teach us lessons the hard way and that you are a hard teacher who gives the test first and lessons later. And I do agree to face your challenges and problems bravely. But I need some time to figure things out at times. So, please be a little slower. Hope you consider what I've told.I'm awaiting your reply. And I forgot to tell you something. Life, I do  love you. Because no matter what, you are my life and are precious to me! Love you life.