I'm not giving up!

Many times as life goes on,
Trials and miseries bring me down.
My strength fails me,
And tears come rolling down.
I search for answers,
But find none.
But keep asking,
"Why me?"
And when everything seems gloomy,
I think of giving up.
But wait!
I'm not giving up.
For from within me,
Comes the strength,
To face it all with courage.
To wipe my tears,
And begin my life anew.
To strive to be true,
And make my dreams come true.
To rise from the ashes,
Like the phoenix.
To be patient,
To find the light at the end of the tunnel.
To spread love and cheer all along,
To make the world a better place.
So come what may,
I'll be there holding on,
To the hope and strength,
I've found.
With my new found strength,
I dare to say,
"I'm not giving up,
Come what may".