Double life...!!!

There she goes,
Lightly on her toes.
Putting on a great smile,
Always going an extra mile.
Making others laugh,
Makes the troubles go dwarf.
Spreading cheer all along,
Singing a new sweet song.
Always busy with her chatter,
With some occasional friendly banter.
There she is, so happy,
Her life's so perfectly in order.
You think that is true,
And look at life with a different view.
But do you think that's true?
Nay, not so I must say!
'Cause behind the mask,
There she is.
Suffering silently,
With tears falling steadily.
A lonely soul,
In life's whirl.
Many times being hurt,
With life being curt.
But put it all together,
And there she is,
Living a DOUBLE LIFE!!!