Opening our eyes to see the world,
Speaking our first few words.
Learning to walk,
A step at a time,
Life then was a pure joy.
Going to school for the first time,
Learning new things,
Having a nice time.
Making new friends,
Doing new things,
Fighting with friends,
For toys, sweets and treats.
Taking care of dolls,
Racing toy cars,
Enjoying life as it was.
Running and playing,
Jumping around,
Not a care did we have.
Falling down,then crying,
Looking at our bruised knees,
Then giving a missing toothed  smile,
When offered sweets.
Those were the days
Of laughter,joy and cheer.
As time passed,
We grew up,
Leaving these things as just memories.
Oh! How I miss,
Those days of pure bliss.
Wish I could go back in time,
And live each day,
One day at a time!